KimYe : God is gonna bring us together and inspire millions of families- Kanye West

KimYe : Just days after Kim was spotted grabbing dinner with Pete Davidson in Santa Monica and had a private table, Ye is hopeful God will bring him and Kim back together.

Ye who’s in the giving spirit and also hopeful for his future with estranged wife Kim Kardashian , says God will bring them back together, and inspire millions of families to do the same.

The man formerly known as Kanye West stopped at the L.A. Mission Wednesday to drop off 1,000 meals for skid row. Before his visit was over, Kanye grabbed the mic and shared words of wisdom and faith with the crowd … including a message about the collapse of his marriage.

KimYe good time

During his speech, Ye says he’s done things in public that were “not acceptable as a husband,” but believes “The Kingdom” aka God will help to repair things with Kim.

Ye believes if they reconcile, millions of families coping with divorce or separation could be inspired to do the same thing. He got big applause for that message.


He also mentioned his kids, saying he needs to be with them as much as possible and if he can’t be “in the house” he’ll get a house right next door.

And, let there be no doubt, Ye clearly still has issues with the Kardashian family living on reality TV — he insisted he’ll be the one to write his family’s history, not a streaming service like Hulu, Disney or E!

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KimYe : God is gonna bring us together

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