‘You’re a bad dog!’ Amazon delivery driver fends off pit bull attack, saving woman and her dog

An Amazon delivery driver in Las Vegas recently had to make an unscheduled stop – to save a woman and small dog being attacked by a pit bull.

Lauren Ray, 19, was outside on Dec. 13 when an unleashed pit bull attacked her family’s smaller dog, Max. Ray picked up Max and attempted to fend off the dog’s attack, captured on video by the family’s Ring doorbell camera.

“My first thought was ‘Save the dog,'” Ray told Fox 5 Las Vegas. “I would’ve let the dog bite me for all I care. I just wanted him to be safe because he’s so small, compared to a pit bull, he didn’t stand a chance.”

However, Ray was unable to fend off the pit bull which continued to circle and snap at her and Max. Her scream for help was soon answered by Amazon delivery driver Stephanie Lontz who put herself between the dog and Ray and told her to get in the house.

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An Amazon delivery driver recently helped save Lauren Ray and her small dog that were being attacked by a larger pit bull.

An Amazon delivery driver recently helped save Lauren Ray and her small dog that were being attacked by a larger pit bull.

Lauren’s father, Michael Ray, a real estate agent, was about to show a home when he got a notification from his Ring cam and saw the incident unfold. He was in “panic mode,” he told Fox 5. “I’m a half-hour away from the house. It’s literally like I’m watching a football game and screaming at it, ‘Get in the house. Get in the house.'”

Then, he saw the Amazon driver swoop “in like Wonder Woman” and give Lauren Ray time to get herself and Max inside.

Before departing, the driver hollered at the pit bull, “You’re a bad dog!”

The Rays posted video of the incident in hopes of finding the driver who intervened, according to Fox 5 Las Vegas. And this past weekend, they were able to meet Lontz and thank her in person.

“I would have been lost without any help,” Lauren Ray said. “I had no clue what I was going to do. I didn’t know if I was going to get hurt. And someone risking their life like that is a really big thing and means a lot to me.”

Lontz said hearing Ray’s screams “made me think of my own child. I would only hope that somebody would jump in and help her if she was in a similar situation. It’s the human thing to do.”

It’s not unusual for Amazon delivery drivers to come across similar incidents, Lontz said. “Two days prior I had been bit by a dog. Two days before that, I saved a baby who wasn’t even two 2-years-old yet locked in a house,” she said. “We really do go through a lot and we’re there when other people aren’t. Sometimes it’s not even recognized. I have a coworker who put out a fire in a backyard the other day.”

In addition to a thank you from the Rays, Lontz was also met with gifts and balloons from co-workers and members of Local 702 Logistics, the local courier company contracted by Amazon.

Soon after the incident, the local animal control department picked up the dog, Fox 5 Las Vegas reported.

This comes months after another heroic Amazon driver’s action: killing a big spider menacing the front door of a Texas customer getting a delivery.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Amazon driver fights off pit bull attacking Las Vegas woman, small dog

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