Officers urged cop to ‘slow down’ before he fatally shot a suspect and 14-year-old girl inside a Burlington Coat Factory, body-camera footage shows

  • An LAPD officer is on leave after a shooting inside a Burlington that left a 14-year-old girl dead.

  • Police say the officer fired three shots at 24-year-old Daniel Elena-Lopez and struck the girl.

  • Bodycam footage shows officers tell the cop who shot Elena-Lopez to slow down before he opened fire.

Los Angeles Police Department officers urged a colleague who shot and killed a suspect and a teen bystander inside a Burlington Coat Factory to “slow down” multiple times, body-camera footage released by the department on Monday showed.

The department confirmed to USA Today that the officer who shot and killed Daniel Elena-Lopez, 24, and Valentina Orellana-Peralta, 14, was on administrative leave.

The officers had responded to reports of a man attacking shoppers with a bike lock at the Burlington Coat Factory in North Hollywood on December 23. Police also released 911 calls on Monday in which an employee said that Elena-Lopez was “breaking things” around the store, and another employee told the operator that a “hostile customer” was “going crazy.”

Officer Drake Mason previously told Insider that Elena-Lopez was “in the process of assaulting another person” when police arrived. Body-camera footage showed that as the officer who shot Elena-Lopez approached the suspect with a rifle, multiple colleagues yelled for the officer to “slow down.”

The officer could be seen holding a rifle and walking to the front of a group of three other officers who had their weapons drawn. “Hey, slow down, slow down. Let me take the point with the rifle,” the officer said in the footage.

After getting in front of the group, the officer with the rifle said, “He’s hitting her on the right-hand side,” and ran ahead toward a woman who was bleeding on the ground. Body-camera footage from the three other officers showed them yelling for the officer with the rifle to “slow down” and “slow it down, partner.”

“Slow it down,” one yelled.

“She’s bleeding,” the officer with the rifle responded. 

“Slow it down, Jones,” another said before the officer with the rifle fired three shots at a man, who fell to the ground and waved his arms.

The Los Angeles Police Department released body-camera footage of a shooting that occurred on December 23 at a Burlington Coat Factory in North Hollywood.

The LAPD released body-camera footage of a shooting that occurred on December 23 at a Burlington Coat Factory in North Hollywood.LAPD

Police have said that they believed Orellana-Peralta was also struck during that time. Capt. Stacy Spell said Orellana-Peralta was “struck by a round which skipped off the floor and entered the dressing room wall.”

The LAPD didn’t immediately respond on Tuesday to Insider’s request for comment. The department hasn’t released the name of the officer who shot Elena-Lopez and Orellana-Peralta. 

In a statement on Thursday, Chief Michel Moore said he was “profoundly sorry for the loss of this young girl’s life.”

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