NYU roommate stealing $50k caught and arrested

Shocking news came from NY! Police caught Kaitlyn Fung, the NYU roommate stealing $50k worth of clothes and accessories off of Aurora Agapov.

A shocking event unfolded at New York University where a student, Kaitlyn Fung, allegedly stole about $50,000 worth of luxury items from her roommate, Aurora Agapov. The police have arrested Fung after Agapov discovered missing designer clothes, handbags, and jewelry. Fung, the NYU roommate stealing $50k is currently in the middle of media attention!

NYU roommate stealing
The NYU roommate stealing news is all over the media Credit: NYU

NYU roommate stealing $50k caught by the police

Aurora Agapov first noticed that something was wrong at the beginning of May when she couldn’t find several of her expensive items. After some searching, she discovered a receipt from The RealReal, a luxury consignment store, which was made out to her roommate, Fung. This receipt listed many of Agapov’s missing items, leading her to confront Fung, the NYU roommate stealing $50k. During their conversation, Fung confessed to stealing the items. These weren’t just any items—they were high-end products from famous brands like Chanel, Celine, and Christian Louboutin.

The RealReal quickly worked with the police by taking down the listings and helping with the investigation. Fung’s arrest by New York City Police came swiftly after the theft was reported. This incident has underscored the importance of maintaining trust, especially in shared living situations like university dorms.

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Stole $50k worth of clothes and accessories and got arrested

After Agapov reported the theft, the New York City Police quickly arrested Fung. The RealReal cooperated with the investigation by removing the stolen items from their website and providing information to the police. This case highlights the importance of trust and security in shared living spaces, especially in university settings. The ongoing legal process will determine the consequences for Fung and hopefully restore Agapov’s losses. This incident reminds students to be vigilant and to take precautions when living with others.

NYU roommate stealing
Agapov and Fund, the NYU roommate stealing $50k, were close friends (Credit: Agapov)

List of what Kaitlyn Fung stole

Agapov asked Fung to show her The RealReal account. Fung showed her the luxury items she had put up for sale. These items included:

  • Solange Azagury 18K Ruby Ring: Priced at $23,765, this ring is known for its beautiful design.
  • Celine Nanno Tote: This bag costs $3,300 and is popular for its elegant look.
  • Chanel Purse: Valued at $4,000, this is a classic luxury item.

In addition to these, the sales platform showed that some items had already been sold. This included a Chanel bracelet, which fetched only $175 despite being worth $2,000, and a Bvlgari necklace sold for $2,485, well below its actual value of approximately $13,000. Some items like a Gucci handbag and another Celine handbag were returned to Fung through The RealReal.

The case is ongoing, and both the university and legal authorities are working to resolve it. This situation serves as a reminder about the need to secure and respect personal belongings in communal living spaces.

Featured image credit: NYU

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