Ensuring privacy: What is Flipside on Instagram?

What is Flipside on Instagram? Dive into the realm of Instagram, the behemoth of visual storytelling, as it embarks on a groundbreaking journey with its latest internal prototype – the highly anticipated Instagram Flipside feature. This revolutionary addition not only hints at a potential redefinition of the way users share personal moments within the Instagram ecosystem but also poses a game-changing question: What is Flipside on Instagram?

In its meticulous testing phase, Flipside emerges with the potential to completely revolutionize the norms of private sharing. This innovation ushers in a seamless alternative to the prevalent trend of “finstas,” catering specifically to users who are actively seeking a more intimate and controlled social media experience.

What is Flipside on Instagram?
What is Flipside on Instagram? and How does it work? (Image Credit)

What is Flipside on Instagram?

What is Flipside on Instagram? Instagram has entered the testing phase of its new feature, Flipside, aimed at providing users with a unique way to enhance their social media experience. This feature performs a function similar to the recently added “Close Friends” feature, allowing users to create a secondary profile without the need for an additional account. With Flipside, users can establish a private space visible only to the friends they select, eliminating the necessity of creating separate accounts.

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Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, expressed thoughts on this new feature, stating, “We don’t even know if we’ll launch Flipside on Instagram. On one hand, creating a separate space that feels more intimate is appealing; on the other hand, it’s already possible to reach a smaller audience through different accounts and the Close Friends section. We will see how people react during the testing phase and proceed accordingly.”

Flipside offers users the opportunity to manage a distinct profile within the same account as their primary one. It’s crucial to note that the content shared in this secondary profile won’t appear on the main account. Users will enjoy the comfort of sharing more private and limited content within a confined circle.

What is Flipside on Instagram?
Learning about key features: What is Flipside on Instagram? (Image Credit)

Key features of Instagram Flipside: Unveiling a private sharing haven

  • Private sharing space: The Instagram Flipside feature creates a distinct, private area within a user’s Instagram profile. This space is intended for sharing content that users might consider more personal or less polished than what they share on their public profiles.
  • Alternate to finstas: The feature seems to address the concept of “finstas,” which are alternative Instagram accounts where users share real-life moments. Instagram Flipside feature allows users to achieve a similar effect without the need to set up an entirely separate account.
  • Discovery mechanism: Accessing a user’s Flipside involves a simple swipe down on their profile, offering a seamless transition to this private space. This mechanism makes it easy for users to switch between their public and private content.
  • Customization options: Users have the ability to customize their Flipside profile with a unique profile picture, name, and bio that differ from their public profile. This customization adds a personal touch to the private sharing experience.
  • Audience management: To maintain the privacy of the content shared on “Flipside,” users can manage their audience. This means they can choose specific friends who have access to this private space, allowing for a more intimate and controlled sharing experience.
  • Fresh start option: In addition to managing their audience, users have the option to “remove everyone” from their Flipside. This feature enables a fresh start, giving users the freedom to curate a new audience for their private content.
  • Compliance with community guidelines: While “Flipside” allows for more personal sharing, it is still subject to Instagram’s community guidelines. This ensures that the content shared within this private space adheres to the platform’s standards and regulations.
  • Internal prototype status: As of now, Instagram has confirmed that “Flipside” is an internal prototype and testing, meaning it is still in the development and testing phase. There is no official confirmation regarding when or if the feature will be rolled out to the public.

Instagram Flipside: Navigating the future of personal connections

Instagram’s Flipside feature introduces a novel way for users to share more personal content within a private space on their profiles. While the specifics may evolve during testing, the concept reflects Instagram’s ongoing efforts to adapt to user behaviors and provide innovative features that enhance the overall social media experience.

Featured Image: Souvik Banerjee/Unsplash

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