A recent Reddit post under the headline ‘AITA FOR WANTING TO DIVORCE MY DOCTOR HUSBAND’ has sparked intense discussions among users. In the often tumultuous world of Reddit’s AITA (Am I the a******) stories, this one has particularly captured attention, provoking strong reactions both in support and against the original poster (OP). Let’s delve into this online drama that’s got the internet buzzing.


The “AITA FOR WANTING TO DIVORCE MY DOCTOR HUSBAND” tale begins six years ago when the OP and her husband first met, eventually leading to their marriage after three years of dating. Her husband, a highly accomplished spinal surgeon known for saving countless lives throughout his career, was a source of immense pride for the OP. She believed she had found a valuable partner. However, a significant event during the birth of their child shook her perception of him to its core.

Throughout her pregnancy, the OP basked in her husband’s unwavering care and affection. He was a loving and generous partner, showering her with expensive gifts and even shedding tears of joy upon learning of her pregnancy, a rare display of emotion for him.

As they eagerly awaited the arrival of their baby, the OP expected her husband to continue showering their growing family with the same level of attention and love. However, when labor began at home, she faced an unexpected and distressing situation. Despite her desperate attempts to reach him, her husband was unreachable due to an ongoing surgery, with his phone switched off.

The AITA FOR WANTING TO DIVORCE MY DOCTOR HUSBAND story is what everyone on Reddit has been talking about lately (Image Credit)

A critical moment: Labor and isolation

In her time of need, the OP turned to her mother, with whom she had a strained relationship, to rush her to the hospital. Upon arrival, she pleaded with the hospital staff to contact her husband’s workplace, leading to a phone call from him twenty agonizing minutes later, during which she struggled through painful contractions.

It was during this phone call that the OP learned the reason behind her husband’s absence. He was deeply involved in a critical surgery involving a child who had experienced a life-threatening overnight emergency. He expressed his inability to forgive himself if he were to witness the birth of his own child while another child’s life hung in the balance. Faced with an excruciating decision between continuing the surgery or being by her side during childbirth, he chose the former.

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Furious and emotionally distraught, the OP had no choice but to navigate the birth of her child alone, as her mother, overcome by squeamishness, remained outside the delivery room. She endured three grueling hours of emotional and physical turmoil, ultimately finding herself and her newborn son isolated in the delivery room without the presence of her husband or any other family member.

Five hours later, her husband arrived at the hospital, presumably after successfully completing the surgery. He approached his wife and their newborn son with open arms, seeking a heartfelt reunion, only to be met with a cold rejection.

The OP concluded her Reddit post by revealing her intention to consult a lawyer for a divorce from her husband, emphasizing her lack of haste to return home.

The AITA FOR WANTING TO DIVORCE MY DOCTOR HUSBAND has gone viral on Reddit (Image Credit)

User reactions and divergent opinions

In response to the heart-wrenching “AITA FOR WANTING TO DIVORCE MY DOCTOR HUSBAND” story, Reddit users’ opinions have diverged significantly. Some empathize with the OP, while others firmly believe her reaction was unwarranted. One user justified her husband’s actions, asserting that leaving a surgery mid-way could have severe consequences, including potential legal repercussions.

Another user echoed a similar sentiment: “You’re the a****** if he had left in the middle of surgery, he could have lost his license to practice. He could have been sued; he could have even gone to jail.”

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However, a dissenting voice argued, “For me, not the a******. He should have taken leave since there is a week of estimated due date, which he must know as a doctor.”

In contrast, another commenter hailed the husband as a hero, saying, “Your husband is a hero. You should be proud of him.”

This Reddit post serves as a stark reminder that life’s unexpected twists can lead to profound choices, often challenging the boundaries of personal relationships. The question remains: AITA FOR WANTING TO DIVORCE MY DOCTOR HUSBAND? The internet jury, it seems, is still in deliberation.

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