OpenAI will let ChatGPT to hear and see you

OpenAI has just dropped a bombshell that promises to change the way we interact with artificial intelligence forever. Say hello to “ChatGPT image search” and “ChatGPT voices,” the latest innovations that are redefining the boundaries of AI conversation. If you’re a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise subscriber, get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into a world where AI can see, hear, and speak in coming weeks.

More than just text

ChatGPT is shedding its text-based cocoon and emerging as a full-fledged conversational companion. It’s no longer just a chatbot confined to text; it’s a tech-savvy buddy that can chat with you, listen to you, and even examine your pictures. Imagine having an AI sidekick who can tell you bedtime stories, join in on your dinner debates, and help you make sense of the chaos in your fridge, all through a quick snapshot.

But this transformation isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a milestone for ChatGPT. With the newfound ability to see, hear, and speak, OpenAI aims to be your go-to choice whenever a question pops into your mind.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. OpenAI is rolling out these new features with utmost caution to ensure they’re used for good. Voice technology, capable of replicating human voices, is being introduced with friendly applications like chat and translation. When it comes to images, lessons have been learned from apps designed for individuals with visual challenges, emphasizing privacy and respect. OpenAI wants ChatGPT to be your trusted sidekick, always ready to chat, help, and enlighten in the most responsible way possible. It’s worth noting that OpenAI has announced the integration of AI image generation, DALLE-3, into ChatGPT as well.

ChatGPT voice conversations

The ability to engage in real conversations with your AI assistant is now a reality, thanks to ChatGPT’s voice conversation capabilities. Whether you’re on the move, searching for a bedtime story, or settling a lively dinner debate, ChatGPT can seamlessly participate in back-and-forth voice interactions.

ChatGPT voices: How to speak with ChatGPT

Here is how to speak with ChatGPT:

  • Open the Mobile App: Make sure you have the ChatGPT mobile app installed on your device.
  • Access Settings: Launch the ChatGPT app and navigate to the “Settings” option.
  • Voice Conversations: Look for the “Voice Conversations” option within the Settings menu.
  • Opt-in: Select “Voice Conversations” and confirm your choice to enable voice interactions.
  • Choose Your Voice: After opting in, choose from five distinct voices to personalize your experience.
  • Experience Human-Like Audio: Engage in voice conversations, and ChatGPT’s text-to-speech model will produce remarkably human-like audio.

OpenAI has gone to great lengths to ensure a natural experience, collaborating with professional voice actors and implementing Whisper, their open-source speech recognition system, for smooth communication.

ChatGPT Image Search

But there’s more. ChatGPT is now visually savvy with ChatGPT Image Search. This feature lets you share single or multiple images, opening up a world of possibilities. Troubleshoot your malfunctioning grill, plan dinner with a glance inside your fridge, or analyze complex graphs for work—all with the help of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Image Search is powered by multimodal GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, utilizing their language reasoning skills to interpret visual content, including photos, screenshots, and text-image combinations.

Safety measures are in place, informed by extensive testing, to address challenges like hallucinations and high-stakes interpretations.

Release date

ChatGPT image search, ChatGPT voices, and other features are initially rolling out to Plus and Enterprise users in the coming weeks. Developers and other groups will soon have the chance to harness these new capabilities.

ChatGPT’s transformation into a multi-modal AI represents a significant leap in making artificial intelligence more relatable and versatile. With the power of voice and image, ChatGPT is poised to become an indispensable companion in our daily lives, providing assistance and insights in ways we’ve only dreamed of. As OpenAI continues to prioritize safety, transparency, and responsible usage, the future looks even brighter for AI-powered interactions. Welcome to the AI future; it’s cool, it’s user-friendly, and it’s already here.

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