Theresa Cachuela killed by her estranged husband

Hawaiian influencer Theresa Cachuela, 33, met a tragic fate at the hands of her estranged husband Jason Calchuela, 44. Theresa Cachuela killed by her husband. This sad incident emerged last week and created a gloomy picture. According to some news, Jason took his own life, behind a house.

Court records reveal Theresa’s proactive steps to ensure her safety, as she filed for a temporary restraining order against Jason just weeks before the fatal encounter. This court-approved order sheds light on the gravity of Jason’s alleged threats, including a distressing incident where he reportedly brandished a knife in the presence of Theresa’s children.

theresa cachuela killed
Theresa Cachuela killed in front of her 11 year-old daughter (Image Credit)

Theresa Cachuela killed by her husband, who had a restraining order

Her estranged husband, who had a restraining order, brutally murdered Theresa Cachuela in front of her 11-year-old daughter. The sad incident happened in a parking lot near Pearlridge Center in Waimalu, close to Honolulu, as reported by some Hawaiian news.

Looking into the court records, it’s clear that Jason’s behavior was troubling, leading Theresa to ask for legal help. After the incident, a check was done to make sure everything was okay, and it revealed that Jason had come back to Theresa’s home and was hiding in the garage. Before this, the couple had agreed to a rule that was supposed to keep Jason away for a year. At the same time, according to the court decision, Jason was prohibited from using weapons.

Theresa Cachuela killed
Legal protections must be more reassuring (Image Credit)

Legal protections fall short

About the incident in which Theresa Cachuela killed, despite earnest efforts to secure legal protection and the establishment of a one-year protection order, the tragic outcome underscores the limitations of existing legal measures. The failure of these safeguards has left a community in shock, and Theresa’s family grappling with an unimaginable loss.

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As the details of this heartbreaking incident continue to emerge, the community unites to remember Theresa Cachuela. Before the sad incident happened, mother Lucita had made plans to celebrate Christmas with her daughter Theresa and her grandchildren. She sang her sadness in “As you all may know, my daughter who we call “Tita,” was shot and murdered on Dec. 22, 2023 at the Bank of Hawaii parking lot. She was coming to have breakfast with me that morning because I wanted to give her and my grandkids their Christmas gifts. My daughter did not deserve this. She was trying so hard to get help, but the Justice system failed her. “We are so devastated with the loss of our beloved Tita,” Lucita says, pointing out that the justice system is not sufficient.

After Theresa Cachuela killed, Theresa’s mother, Lucita, is fundraising to cover funeral expenses. In this case, Lucita highlights the devastating impact of a system that fails to protect a life. Theresa’s loss is a poignant reminder that urgent improvements are needed in our legal and support systems to prevent such tragic incidents from happening in the future.

Theresa Cachuela killed
Theresa’s followers mourn (Image Credit)

Theresa Cachuela’s death was met with sadness on social media

Theresa Cachuela killed, who appealed to a large audience on social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok. His followers, who heard the news of his murder, said on social media that the court did not take the necessary precautions and that he was killed due to insufficient protection.

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