Hey, did you see the new Drake face tattoo?

New Drake face tattoo sparks intrigue and conversation as the Grammy-winning rapper unveils yet another bold addition to his collection of ink. This time, the enigmatic phrase “miskeen” takes center stage just above his right eyebrow, leaving fans and observers deciphering its significance within the context of Drake’s personal narrative and connection to his Toronto roots.


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Let’s delve deeper into the layers of meaning behind this striking new facial adornment and explore its potential significance in the artist’s evolving story.

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The new Drake face tattoo explained

Drake, the renowned rapper and Toronto native, recently caught attention for his latest addition to his collection of tattoos—a striking Arabic phrase, “miskeen,” inked just above his right eyebrow. This revelation came to light when photographer Brent Kore shared an image showcasing the rapper’s new ink on Instagram.

The term “miskeen” holds multifaceted meanings, particularly within Toronto’s Somali community, shedding light on diverse interpretations. While commonly associated with describing someone as “poor” or “pathetic,” there exists another connotation—a portrayal of someone as “sweet” or “innocent.” Locals in Toronto often resonate with the latter understanding, adding depth to the significance of Drake’s choice in etching this phrase onto his skin.

New Drake face tattoo
New Drake face tattoo

The rapper, known for his profound connection to his roots and hometown, has yet to address the meaning behind this tattoo publicly. However, given his previous tributes, such as the tattoo of his mother Sandra Gale’s initials beneath his left eye, it’s evident that Drake’s ink is often deeply personal, potentially carrying significant sentimental value or a narrative close to his heart.

This recent addition follows Drake’s pattern of expressing himself through body art. Last summer, he adorned his facial canvas with a tribute to his mother, signifying the enduring bond and influence she holds in his life.

Drake’s creative output hasn’t solely been confined to the tattoo artist’s chair. He surprised fans with the release of his EP, “Scary Hours 3,” on November 17, a move that ignited excitement and buzz within the music industry. Reflecting on this surprise drop, Drake shared, “It’s coming to me in a way that I haven’t experienced since [2015’s] If You’re Reading This [It’s Too Late], where it’s just kind of like I feel like I’m on drugs.”

Despite speculation and curiosity surrounding the meaning behind his latest tattoo, Drake remains characteristically enigmatic, opting to let his art—both musical and visual—speak volumes about his journey, influences, and personal revelations.

As admirers await further insight into the significance of “miskeen” etched above Drake’s eyebrow, one thing remains certain: the rapper continues to captivate attention not only for his musical prowess but also for the intricate tales he weaves through the canvas of his body.

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